JetCrewDirect – A new way of doing business!

What we do

JetCrewDirect is a new Corporate Aviation Pilot and Flight Attendant agency.  We provide 2 functions, SEARCH and SUPPLY.  With our ever increasing international database of Pilots and Flight Attendants we are able to supply aircrew at very short notice (<24hrs) for Freelance, Short Term contracts, Ferry & Delivery Flights and finally Permanent Contracts.  Currenty on our books we have an impressive selection of VVIP Flight Attendants, and Pilots type rated on the following aircraft: Airbus ACJ340/320/319, Boeing B747-300/400 and BBJ, GLEX/Challenger 604/605/850, Citation 680, Falcon 2000 Classic/Ex, Falcon 50/900LX/7X, Gulfstream 550, Hawker 900XP, Lear 60/60XR, Legacy 650 as well as many other types, but we are always looking to sign up more aircrew as memebers.

Our Aim

From our experiences, there are always companies out there looking for aircrew at short notice.  This frequently requires much time consuming work by HR and Ops Departments to email and phone around each individual to check their availability.  On the other side of the coin there are always aircrew looking for exactly the same work. JetCrewDirect’s aim is to make it far easier, quicker and more efficient for these likely pairings to find each other. In putting this company together we are creating a ‘One Stop Shop’ for Aircrew and Employers alike to be able to solve the same problem quickly and efficiently.

Aircrew – what should you do?

Whether looking for Freelance work or something more permanent the first thing you should do is register on our website either by using one of the links at the top of our blog or by visiting JetCrewDirect. You will normally be approved within 24hrs, but often much quicker, and will receive an email giving you further guidance. Documents and certification for uploading should be .pdf documents of less than 1MB in size.  Once you are approved as aircrew, you upload your details and providing the preparatory work is done, it will take no more than 10 to 15 minutes.  For those who are still unsure, we have even prepared an Aircrew Registration A to Z Guide which is both downloadable and printable and explains every step of the process. This can be found at the bottom of our Terms and Conditions page.

Why only .pdfs?

With the increasing use of tablets and iPads to access the internet, not everyone has word processing software on their portable devices. By standardising it to .pdfs we make the Employers’ search experience much more user friendly. If employers find the system of requesting crew simple, quick and accurate, they will use JetCrewDirect every time. It also prevents users having to switch between different software to view a JetCrewDirect member’s profile.

Employers – what should you do?

It is a much simpler process for Employers. All you need to do is register you will get a verification phone call from us.  We do this to ensure that you will be respecting the access that you get to the data and also to ensure that there is no malicious intent from someone purporting to be an employer.  Once verified you will be approved and authorised to access the website to search for aircrew to suit your circumstances.

How much does it cost?

Registration and membership is completely free of any charge for aircrew for at least their first year.  It is free for employers too, but in line with industry standard, pay a minimal commission when they employ someone.  We have driven the costs right down as we are a web based company.

What else do we do for you all?

For aircrew we also have the JetCrew Directory.  This is a searchable database of services to corporate aviation. It ranges from VIP Aircraft Catering, Restaurants, Crew Hotel, Aircraft Cleaning  to Limo Companies and much much more. JetCrewDirect’s members are also able to add new entries to the database.  This means that aircrew are able to contribute to each other and share the best services available in each destination.   For Employers we are also able to offer a job vacancy and advertising service. We know that we can provide much cheaper and more targeted advertising than anything currently available in the industry. We can also ensure that any vacancy is displayed within minutes of the Terms and Conditions being agreed and directly to the aircrew seeking employment on our database.

What about Pilot Assessment and Selection?

At JetCrewDirect we are able to offer support to Pilot Recruitment.  Within the Corporate Aviation industry it is frequently difficult and prohibitively expensive to put Pilots through a simulator session in order to assess their flying skills.  Often companies advertise for Pilots who may or may not be Type Rated and who then are accepted for employment on the basis of a CV combined with, though not always, an interview. The reason why a Pilot is employed, chiefly their flying skills, may well never be tested until they commence their Line Training. In conjunction with European Pilot Selection and Training (EPST) we are now able to offer the Advanced COMPASS (Computerised Pilot Aptitude Screening System) test along side their Checklist Professional Profile (CPP) which is a psychometric test created by the Institute of Aviation Psychology. This is a PC based pilot selection tool for experienced pilots only.

What about the future?

We now have Aircrew in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States, we are growing on a daily basis and we’re really looking towards Christmas when it’s traditionally a time of peak Freelance activity. We hope by then that our Members, both Aircrew and Employers alike will be making the most of the service that we have to offer.  We now have very good strength and depth in numbers and are looking forward to making a positive impact on the industry for Aircrew and their Employers alike as we come out of the Recession.  JCD/RD

Pilot & Flight Attendant Corporate Aviation Jobs

Blog Photo

First Officer Challenger 605 – Execujet (Middle East) –

Capts A319 Freelance – Twinjet (UK) –

Embraer Legacy Capts & FOs – LEA (Estonia) –

VVIP Cabin Attendant – Rizon Jet (Qatar) –

VIP Cabin Attendant – Comlux (Macau) –

LearJet Captain – Royal Jet (Abu Dhabi) –

Cabin Attendants – Royal Jet (Abu Dhabi) –

Flight Attendant – Flying Group (Belgium) –

VIP Flight Attendant – Albinati Aeronautics (Switzerland) –

Capt Global Express – ACM Air Charter (Germany) –

Cabin Attendant – ACM Air Charter (Germany) –

First Officer Falcon 900EASy – JetAlliance (Austria) –

First Officer Falcon 2000 LX EASy – JetAlliance (Austria) –

VIP Flight Attendant – JetAlliance (Austria) –

First Officer Global Express – DC Aviation (Dubai) –

VIP Cabin Attendant – DC Aviation (Germany) –

Cabin Attendants – Amiri Flight (Qatar) –

Flight Attendants – Metrojet (Hong Kong) –

Capt & CoPilot Global 6000 – JetProfessionals (Europe) –

Capt and FO CL 605 – Sinojet (Hong Kong) –

Flight Attendant – Luxaviation (Luxembourg) –

First Officer Embraer Legacy 600 – Luxaviation –

Capt & FO Cessna Citation 560 XLS – Luxaviation –

Cabin Crew – Titan Aviation (UK) –

Chief Pilot Embraer Lineage 1000/Legacy 600/G450 – FAS (UAE) –

FO CL604/605 & LR60 – Vistajet (Austria) –

Capts & FOs Global Express – Vistajet (Austria) –

Capts & FOs Falcon 900EX EASy – FAI Rent-A-Jet (Germany) –

Capts & FOs Global Express – FAI Rent-A-Jet (Germany) –

Cabin Attendants Falcon 900EX EASy – FAI Rent-A-Jet (Germany) –

Cabin Attendants Global Express – FAI Rent-A-Jet (Germany) –